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RE:Glenn Gould videos - where to buy

I recommend Kultur Performing Arts Videocassettes, at

(800) 458-5887 or
(908) 229-2343

They carry Glenn Gould Plays Beethoven (CBC broadcast) and Glenn Gould: Two
Portraits (the On and Off the Record one.) I also bought my copy of A
Portrait (the posthumous one) there, but they claimed at the time - 3 years
ago maybe? - that the movie was out of print and I was buying from
remaining stock. I don't know if this information was accurate, but it's
worth a call to them, since they were major distributors of the film.
Prices are standard, $19.95 per tape.

While you're at it, ask for their catalog. Their collection of L. Bernstein
tapes is enormous!


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