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Thanks Bruce

	Dear F Minors.

	I had to share with you all the unalloyed joy which I have had
today. I hold in my hand an original copy of ML 5060 - The Goldberg

	Bruce Cross, a member of this list, sent it to me from Canada and I
can honestly say that I have not been so excited opening a package for many
many years. The album itself is far far better than even I imagined - the
design is if anything more powerful than I had imagined from the photos of
the cover that I had seen: I could (and have) spend ages looking at each of
the 30 little pictures on the front almost feeling with the young Gould as
the spirit of the music goes through him. There's even one picture (the
third from the top left, top line, that is at a 90 degree angle to the
others - which is lovely.
	Also, the original Kodak markings are still there on the negatives -
a revelation of process and mechanics that is I think in keeping with his
inherent modernism. The liner notes are also a delight. 
	Boy could he write when he wasn't being so arch about it! It's just
the most wonderful object - I can't tell you all how good it is! (and yes,
before you ask, I DO have a life!).

	Two questions: Is the Phillips Gallery (where Gould played on Jan 2
1955 as mentioned in the notes) still standing?
	And who is the other man in some of the pictures?
	Sorry, three: Is Dan Weiner (the photographer) still alive?

	It's going to be framed soon, but I might just keep it out for a
couple of days so I can keep touching it!

	Thanks for sharing the news. And above all, THANKS BRUCE - you've
made my year!!