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Re: Abba

Anne M. Marble wrote:

> Actually, I'm rather partial to "The Winner Takes It All." It's from
> Abba's later period, and it's quite different from the bubblegum
> period of Abba. For one thing, it's very Nordic and depressing. How
> appropriate to this list! (If Petula Clark had sung it, Glenn would've
> been, ahem, ecstatic.) Some of the songs from Abba's later period make
> me wonder if this was the period when they were all getting divorced.
> (OK, it doesn't compare to Glenn's later period, but at least their
> chairs didn't squeek. ;->)

I just happened to buy the "ABBA LIVE" cd last week.I believe it's their
only live recording, and if you like ABBA, I recommend it whole-heartedly.

"Winner.." is not on it, but it has "Name of the Game", which is my
personal favorite.  Indeed, they were writing some great songs in their
later years- too bad they ended too soon.  Also, their video
production of "Fernando" (it's just them singing in a studio) is still
very effective and moving.

Regarding Petula Clark, there is a very good 2 CD compilation
in the stores.  CD 1 is old mono stuff, but the great stuff is on
CD2- all the popular hits- and it's all faithfully copied from
the masters.  It has the original version of "Who Am I". And
also "Downtown", (not the newer version, which is not to my liking.)

> Or as Gould himself could have very well said: "Well, Bruno, Abba is
> a lovely word... How many times would you like me to say it?"

When Gould says to Bruno, "Prelude you say?  How many times
would you like me to say it?",  I was totally fooled that the
whole conversation with Bruno was spontaneous (in the Bruno
video).  Of course, now I know the conversation was all planned
by Gould, and Bruno's questions and rebuffs are simply Gould's.

The realization that Gould is acting most of the time just adds a
whole new fascinating element whenever I watch Gould in a video.
Gould is a lousy actor- but he probably thought he was good.
At least I was fooled the first couple of times- but I saw the
videos before I ever knew anything about him.   Sometimes
Gould really is spontaneous (when he's caught off guard)
and his charm makes up for the pretending.

But, the fact that (1) Gould thought he could act and pretend
like an accomplished actor and (2) he thought these spontaneous
moments could be succssfully writen into his 'script', is what's
very fascinating.  This guy sure did want to control the media.
I'm surprised he didn't aspire to own CBC or CBS itself!

Is there any film of Gould caught 'live', without him in control?
Or, in a real spontaneous TV or press interview?


I heard CD1 of the Phillips Greatest Pianist's series
and it's excellent.  How good is CD2 of the same set?