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Sgt. Pepper

Hate to say this, but I feel Sgt. Pepper was crap.  Yeah, it sounds nice,
but when you get down to it, the sounds used on the record were nice, but
not original,  and the lyrics were quite inane and somewhat vapid.  Heck,
if you look hard enough, you'll see that the beatles themselves weren't
really all that up on saying it was there best, and in fact, Paul said in
1987 that it was one of their worst-selling records, compared to others. I
think that because of their "greatness", no matter what they did would
have been heralded as "great."  Look at the Rolling Stones, who did
basically the same thing, at around the same time, and who sounded similar
in style (if not in sound quality)...they were ripped apart in the press!

>Many people (myself included) see the Beatles' work and Sgt Pepper in
>particular as the first real pop album on par with classical works such
>as symphonies and operas.

and had the press been kind to the Beach Boys, then you would be saying
this about Pet Sounds, which, to be honest, blows Sgt. Pepper out of the
water...compare the two, and you'll see.  They have the
brass/strings/orchestra, like the beatles, but the beatles could never
come close to their harmonies.

All we are saying is give Pet Sounds a Chance!