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Re: Sgt. Pepper

>A little digression is fine by me, but this nonsense does not belong on a
>board devoted to Glenn Gould

Ah, but sir, I must disagree!  I am sure that if he were with us, Gould
would revel, enjoy, and possibly participate in such an off-topic manner.
Yes, we are not talking of Glenn Gould by nomenclature.  You may not see
his name or spirit placed on the podium, it is true.

Alas, but I lie.  We are talking of music, which was Mr. Gould's mistress,
his love, his companion in life.  Dare I say it?  Glenn Gould WAS music.  
and, in this sense, we are staying true to the topic, nie, the world of

I will make sure and mark each  topic line with the phrase (no Gould
content) so that you will not be distracted.

I am a new fan to the world of Glenn Gould, and I hope to learn more about
him and his music through the list.  I hope that my opinions of the
non-Gould world are welcome in return.  I would rather participate in a
slightly off-topic subject on a list than to have a phantom list, would
you not?

good evening, and a lovely day to you!