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Re: GG: C major P & F, Book I or II?

    a trajectory that would enable it to rocket out of our solar system


    But a few years ago I *thought* I remembered reading that it was
    actually the C major from Book II of the Well-Tempered Clavier that was on
    the record.

You remember correctly.  It's the Book II p&f.  I looked it up on the
NASA web site at one point (don't have the url at hand, sorry, though it
might be in the archives).

I was very distressed when Mary Jo first mentioned this on the list
because (a) the Book I p&f seems much more famous and fitting as you say
-- although GG's rendition is definitely one of his quirkier moments,
and (b) Girard used the Book I prelude to end 32SF@GG, with a voiceover
clearly implying (though, I admit, never actually stating) that it was
on Voyager.  Argh.  If you're not going to do Book I, why not go all the
way and use Contrapunctus I?  Or XIV :).

BTW, I believe people at NASA did not choose the music.  I seem to
remember reading there was a huge, broadly-based selection process.
Whatever it was, I was fairly impressed with the result.