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Re: GG on CD vs LP

Anne Smith wrote:

>      I appreciate all the feedback on making LPs into CDs.  As I am a
> pianist and not an audiophile or computer whiz I  am going to buy my CDs.
> But where?  Several months ago someone from the list recommended to me GG
> the composer.  None of our local stores had any GG CDs in there "Classical"
> section.  I didn't really expect the young woman in charge to know who GG is
> but when she told me that the Sony catolog did not list Glen Gould (!) and I
> suggested she look under Bach , she hadn't heard of him either.  Needless to
> say, when my daughter asked her about the new Back Street Boys CD she knew
> everything there was to know.  The Sony Website does not ship to Canada.
> Can anyone recommend an Internet shopping site?

You clearly need a new store to peruse.  Are you anywhere close to Sam the Record
Man in downtown T.O.?  For that matter, is Sam still even there (over to the
list's Torontonians for an update on that).

*amazon.com* and *barnesandnoble.com* are two internet sites that come to
mind.  Don't know if they ship to Canada, but shouldn't be hard to find out.
I've heard some less-than-impressive anecdotes about cdnow, but I have
no first-hand experience with them.  Good luck!