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Re: Humming, DSP & musical reductionism

Anne M. Marble wrote:
> On some of the recordings, GG sounds as if he is choking or gasping
> for breath rather than humming. I wonder if those are the infamous gas
> mask hums? Or the results of some other (failed) hum-damping
> experiment. Thanks, I'd rather hear the humming.
> And yes, he probably did wind up humming louder. Just to bug the
> engineers, perhaps?! ("And he didn't even have the decency to send the
> gas mask to the dry cleaner when we were done...")

Y'know......it's a perfect complement for the glove stories, the pill stories,
the air conditioning stuff, those impromtu photo sessions with Hunstein,
the endless piano tinkering experiments, etc.  Great stuff for a publicist.