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RE: Your personal...

Tim -- I agree with you about the Pastoral; I think it's one of GG's
greatest performances. It's a shame he didn't record any of the other
Beethoven/Lizst transcriptions, except the 5th; I've read that he considered
doing so, but it never transpired.

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So very many.....but I'll limit myself to four as well.

(1) Partita #1 in b-flat major

(2) Prelude and Fugue in c-sharp major from WTC I

(3) Preludes to the first, fourth, and fifth French Suites (plus gigue
from fifth)

(4) Beethoven's Sixth (piano transcription) (note: Beethoven's sixth
symphony was not written by Bach) (sorry, I just can't resist adding
this to any 'best of' GG list)

(all from Sony/Columbia CD's)