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GG: Why f_minor?/Favorite Bach

> f-minor was Glenn Gould's favorite key.

GG believed that the key reflected his personality best of all.

The quote goes like this:
"...it's rather dour, halfway between complex and stable, between
upright and lascivious, between gray and highly tinted...There is a
certain obliqueness."

How much that quote *really* reflected his personality is up for
grabs. GG often claimed to be gray (or rather, grey) in personality.
But sometimes, I think he wanted to be gray -- and wasn't always gray.
(This could tie in with the whole issue of being in control.)
Just to make sure no one gets annoyed because this post isn't about
Favorite Bach (in no particular order)...

The Inventions
The Partitas
The '81 Bergs
The '55 Bergs
Also, Suite No. 6 of the English Suites (especially the last Gavottes
and the Gigue!)
Others I may have forgotten