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Unsubscribing from f-minor

At the following URL you will find instructions for leaving f-minor.

Basic Instructions (I swiped these from the page)

Sending the unsubscribe message to the general list address will not
work. You must send the message to the majordomo address show below
with the message shown below.

To unsubscribe from F_Minor send a message with the words:
"unsubscribe f_minor yourname@youraddress" to
majordomo@email.rutgers.edu -- of course you must substitute your real
e-mail address, and you may omit the quotation marks. For example:

unsubscribe f_minor jdoe@whatever.com

Special Warning:

NOTE: The software that powers F_Minor will automatically ignore
e-mail aliases. If you're having trouble unsubscribing, you can check
your subscribed address by sending mail to majordomo@email.rutgers.edu
with the following line in the body of the message:

who f_minor

(Psst, everybody. The page listed at the top is neat. It includes
nifty commands, like the who f_minor command  I tried this one out,
and it's neat. It gave me a list of everybody who's on the list. (Hey,
what's Theodore Slutz doing on the list? Just kidding!))