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Re: Cultism, Banality, etc., etc.

-.Anne Marble wrote:
>>Some of us post about those subjects because we don't know enought
>about music or recording technology or related topics to make sensible
>posts in those areas. >

There is nothing wrong with listening to music because you like the sound of
it.  Some of us over analyize music and miss out on the joy it brings.  We
need composers, performers and audiences.

A. Thayer wrote:
>> mailing list should be a front for serious discussion, rather than
>> senselessly excessive praise of Gould whatever he did, and endless
>> discussion of superficial matters (

I enjoy most of the serious discussions on this list,  but lets not forget
we are talking about a guy who liked to dress up .  Sir Nigel Twitt-
Thornwitte  can show us what GG thought of people who took music too