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Re: Mozart was a bad composer...

Since I'm someone who has a rather low to medium tolerance for Mozart
myself (though not as low as Gould), I don't condemn Gould's flamboyant
comment.  But, let us not forget Gould said and did many things to
surprise, to question and sometimes "just to be different".  His
recordings of Mozart are certainly different.  I'm not aways sure you can
trust what Gould said, since so much of it was tongue lodged in cheek,
with a wink in his voice.  He was opinonated, and sometimes created
elaborate constructs to bolster his sometimes absurdist views.  I recall
the notorious Stereo Sound (I believe) article where he elevated Petula
Clark's "Downtown" to supercede any accomplishments of the Beatles.  

If he strikes us as odd and wacky, it's good.  Gould makes us think and
that's all we can ask from an independent, smart, talented, and individual

Gould said some outlandish things - not only about Mozart.  I think it's
every reason to celebrate him as an individual artist.  If you haven't
recently, find that Brahms recording with Bernstein and listen to the
controversial 4:00 "apology" from Bernstein about "what we're about to
play" and how he and Gould reached an impasse on Brahms.  Sony re-issued
it last year.

I'll personally will take Gould over 98% of other pianists for Bach any

Best regards,

Keith Weston
WUNC Radio