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Re: GG Mozart was a bad composer...

Hi F Minors,

Perhaps I can put GG's feeling towards Mozart in a historical perspective.
I studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto 20 some years after
GG was finished with them.  Most of the people GG dealt with would be gone
by the time I got there, but the ideas were probably the same.

It is possible to get a music degree from these people without ever playing
a bar of Mozart.  For me, Mozart was just someone I memorized information
about to pass Music History.

I have been to workshops and "Meet the examiner days" given by the RCM and
have heard it said that  "you only give Mozart and Haydn sonatas to students
who can't handle  Beethoven."  In the last 5 years I have taken a closer
look at Mozart and Haydn and have been sending Intermediate students in for
exams playing their sonatas.  I really don't think that I would have the
nerve to send a senior student to TO without a Beethoven sonata.

I know that GG was an free  thinker, but I think that most people who
studied at RCM (in piano)  have a poor knowledge of Mozart.


>>>can anyone tell me whether the quotation "Mozart was a bad composer who
>>>too late rather than too early" comes from?
>>>I don't want to broadcast it if it's not Gould!!!
>>A very infantile and groundless quotation. If it's Gould, I can't respect
>>him any more.
>B.M.: But, as a student, you must have had to learn and play these works,
>G.G.: So far as I can remember, I began to study the Paris sonatas about a
>year before that--K. 332 was the first, I think.