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RE: Sheet Music Sites

This is one thing I still do the old-fashioned way.  There is an excellent
store here in Atlanta that I have never been in!  I call and tell them what
I want, they have had my credit card number for years, and they mail it to
my house.  If it is not in stock, they order it.  But I am interested to
know if anyone finds a really good internet resource in case my "connection"
ever goes under.

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> Sent:	Friday, November 05, 1999 8:32 AM
> To:	Karl Berry; f_minor@email.rutgers.edu
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> From Karl Berry:
> > To everyone: I've never found a decent source of sheet music
> > (most interested in renaissance, baroque, and 20th century, sound
> > familiar? :) on the net.  Has anyone?
> I wouldn't know a decent source from an indecent one. But here are
> some links I've found. Who knows, maybe by pure luck, I found
> something new and decent. (I used the google.com search engine.)
> http://www.rainmusic.com/pianomusic/sheetmusic.htm
> http://www.dmoz.org/Shopping/Music/Sheet_Music/
> http://www.jsbach.org/web.html#Music
> I see what you mean. Most of the sites I found looked like "indecent"
> sources of sheet music. They're great if you're looking for a big band
> song or something for your fourth grade class to sing. But
> otherwise... :-/

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