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Re: GG Mozart was a bad composer...

>>(Speaking of wonderful and essential treatises about musicianship, what
>>percentage of piano students ever read Quantz's 1752 book, _On playing the
>>flute_?  2%?  0.5%?  Even if one never touches a flute, it's possible to
>>learn far more from reading that book thoughtfully than from slaving away
>>a piano practice room....)
>I have to admitt that I've never heard of this book.  I'll look for it.

Johann Joachim Quantz, On Playing the Flute
Translated by Edward R. Reilly
List Price: $22
Published by Macmillan
Date Published: 09/1985
ISBN: 0028701607

Also published earlier in 1966 and 1975.

A search by ISBN at
http://www.mySimon.com/books_c_music_and_movies/books/index.anml reveals
that it's out of print (ARGH!) but that eFollett might still have some.  I
got mine in 1990 as one of the textbooks for a graduate course in
performance practice.

It should be available in any decent music library, too.

Cover photo:

Large bibliography of flute sources:

(Apologies for the non-GG content of this posting...)

Bradley Lehman, bpl@umich.edu