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Re: Glenn Gould stamp

>" Glenn Gould's Variations
>Few could deny the effect of Gould's brilliance on the world of music. His
>recordings of Bach's Goldberg Variations stunned audiences around the world.
>Nifty!  But then why weren't they more careful with their musical
>typesetting?  The second note is too low (almost looking like an F# instead
>of a G), and the essential mordent on the third note is missing.  Then the
>other lines of greyed musical notation below that line are not recognizably
>from the Goldberg Variations at all....

I'm guessing that it wasn't typeset; rather, it was scanned.  In the
"greyed" area, there are some handwritten notations (e.g. below the time
signature and to the lower right of GG's nose).  Perhaps the stamp
designer(s) scanned one of GG's scores.