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Re: Geld

> Schaut euch dies bitte an!!!!!!!!!!!(und
> >>> >  > > schickts an alle weiter!!!)

For a moment there, I thought you were posting the lyrics to ""Ich bin der
Welt abhanden gekommen." Or was that ""Fischpredigt des heiligen Antonius
von Padua"? :->

In answer to your question, no, it's not true. And please don't post those
to F-Minor. They're *never* true. Next time you get one of those
too-good-to-be-true e-mails, check out this site to find out if it's for

Now if you have the lyrics to ""Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen," or to
""Fischpredigt des heiligen Antonius von Padua," we'd love to have a copy.
Does anybody on this list have a copy, preferably in German and English?
(Let's have a field trip to the zoo, lyrics in hand -- baritones to the
front, please!)

P.S. No, my German isn't that good. I cheated and used Babel Fish to