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GG: Mahler will send you money

>In answer to your question, no, it's not true. And please don't post those
>to F-Minor. They're *never* true. Next time you get one of those
>too-good-to-be-true e-mails, check out this site to find out if it's for

As the philosopher Epimenides McLuhan once put it:
"Everything you read on the Internet is untrue."

How many of those eternally-circulating myths are making the rounds in more
than one language?  That would be a potentially interesting sociological

>Now if you have the lyrics to ""Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen," or to
>""Fischpredigt des heiligen Antonius von Padua," we'd love to have a copy.
>Does anybody on this list have a copy, preferably in German and English?
>(Let's have a field trip to the zoo, lyrics in hand -- baritones to the
>front, please!)
>P.S. No, my German isn't that good. I cheated and used Babel Fish to

Here's how Babel Fish translates that poem (copying the German from Gary's
posting and pasting it into the Babel Fish):

I was misplaced the world,
with which I otherwise many time spoiled,
has so for a long time nothing from me heard you,
you may probably believe, I am died!

It is also nothing at all because of it been to me,
whether it considers me died,
I cannot also nothing at all say against it,
because really I died the world.

I died the Weltgetuemmel,
and rest ' in a quiet area!
I live ' alone in my sky,
in my loving, in my song!


Anyway, here's the St Anthony Preaching to the Fishes, from the Projekt


And Babel Fish translation, choking on the archaicisms in the poem:

"To Antonius to preach the church findt single, it goes to the rivers, and
preaches to the
fish; They schlagn with the tails, in the sunshine shine. The carps with
Rogen are all
more hieher pulled, credit d of ' muzzles broke, listening beflissen
themselves: None
preach never-paint the carp in such a way gfallen. Spitzgoschete of hechte,
fence all the time,..."