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Re: Geld

> I'm confused -- what isn't true? That GG sang Mahler to the animals? Or
>did he sing to the animals, but it wasn't Mahler? Or did he sing Mahler,
>but not to the animals? Or am I missing something?

I'll leave that one to the music experts. I think part of the confusion may
be that GG sang one song to the zoo animals in "Glenn Gould's Toronto" and
another song to the cows or something in another documentary.

The lyrics of "Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen" certainly sound
Gouldian -- especially "I live alone in my heaven/In my love and in my

You can find the lyrics of "Fischpredigt" on the Web at:

Here is the first verse in English and German:

Antonius zur Predigt
Die Kirche findt ledig.
 Er geht zu den Flüssen
 und predigt den Fischen;

St. Anthony arrives for his Sermon
 and finds the church empty.
 He goes to the rivers
 to preach to the fishes;

It is Gouldian, too -- humorous (and about animals) yet with a message. The
idea of St. Anthony preaching to the fishes and eels makes me think of GG's
oratoria about the end of the world with parts song by bullfrogs.

>And what is the translation of
> the German message with all the exclamation marks?

As far as I could determine (with help to Babel Fish), it's basically
German for "If you forward this to 50 people, Bill Gates will send you
money." <sigh>