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GG: OT: Babel Fish (was Geld)

>Thanks for clearing that up. I studied German in high school, but that was
>far longer ago than I would care to admit.

I studied it for a whole semester in college. Yet today, I couldn't read a
Peanuts cartoon in German.

>Also -- what is "Babel Fish"?

It's a site on the Internet that allows you to "translate" Web sites and
plain text. I use the term "translate" loosely because it's automated.
Still, it can be helpful, even if it's not always (ahem) accurate. I
wouldn't use it to translate important documents, such as business
proposals. Or to translate something full of idioms, such as GG's writings.

Here's the link I used:

Now if only somebody had a program that could write "spam reports" in
Chinese so that I could stop getting that spam from China. (Even
www.spamcop.net can help me only so far...)