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GG: WTC's fugue in A minor

f minors,

Perhaps this is an old question, and its answer is somewhere in the list
archives, but anyway...

Until today, I've never really had bothered to locate precisely where
the (in)famous splicing occurs in GG's recording of WTC-I's A minor
as he describes it, it begins with take 6, then take 8 is used, and then
back to take 6. Can someone please point me, in minutes and seconds of
the cd track, where that happens?
My guess is that it's take 6 until 0:30, then take 8 for most of the
rest of it; take 6 enters again at 2:24 or just at 3:01? [total time
being, in my CD, still the Columbia version of it, at 3:24]
(or I've got it all wrong?)

Thanks for your help, 

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