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Re: WTC's fugue in A minor

In a message dated 11/24/99 01:01:8 AM, bpl@umich.edu writes:

<< >Until today, I've never really had bothered to locate precisely where

>the (in)famous splicing occurs in GG's recording of WTC-I's A minor


>as he describes it, it begins with take 6, then take 8 is used, and then

>back to take 6. Can someone please point me, in minutes and seconds of

>the cd track, where that happens? >>

? I am new to your list so am not sure if I am replying correctly, however, 
here goes:

Have you seen the GG CD-ROM (proper title: GG THe New Listner) In it is an 
interactive activity dealing with this piece, demonstrating the splice 
points.  Not as much fun as trying to listen to find them, but at least it's 
further information.  The CD-ROM is published by DNA Media, www.dnamedia.com 
(I haven't tested the website) but I purchased it from a CD-ROM catalogue 
called educorp.  It is very Gould-esque in it's manner of production.