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Re: WTC's fugue in A minor

In a message dated 12/2/99 11:43:32 PM, poli@mailserver.unimi.it writes:

<< did you really get to purchase the "GG The New Listener" CD-ROM?   I've

been trying to get my hands on it for many months, but without success, and

Amazon has just informed me that it's publication has been cancelled

(probably for copyright reasons, I suppose).  Could you please forward me

the e-mail or web address of educorp?  I'm unable to get in touch with them.

Is it really good?

Thanks so much,

Marco >>

Hi Marco:

The CD-ROM has a great resource section  The navigation screens are very 
inventive, but this sometimes makes accessing the information folks like us 
are so eagar to see a bit frustrating, but it is definately worth purchasing. 
 You might try contacting the publisher, DNA media at www.dnamedia.com 
(that's what is on the box of the CD-ROM.  The contact info I have for 
educorp is www.educorp.com, phone (in U.S.) 800-843-9497.  I am a CD-ROM 
producer, and we have had some dealings with Educorp.  They are a bit "flaky" 
but hopefully they can get a hold of the title for you.  I paid $39.95.

Good luck.  Let me know if you get it and like it.