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Re: GG: Gould and pacifism

ggs remarks abt competition, strongly suggests that he had pacifist

andre møllerhaug
"never be clever for the sake of being clever"

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Michael Arnowitt wrote:

> I recently listened to the two documentaries by Gould (one on Stokowski, one
> on Casals) released at the gathering in Toronto this past September.  In
> both, Gould places pretty near the beginning these artists' views on the
> need for a change in the world toward a viewpoint that I would describe as
> pacifist (defining pacifism as I do in the more broader sense as has been
> been elaborated in this century by Gandhi and many others in the nonviolence
> movement -- substitute another word if the term rubs you the wrong way).  In
> the Casals documentary Gould also includes some personal opinion by a Casals
> biographer criticizing the Vietnam war.
> I know Gould was a fanatic newspaper reader and so certainly followed world
> events.  Was he a pacifist, do you think, himself -- is it a coincidence
> that he put in both documentaries these anti-war viewpoints?
> As you can perhaps guess, I am a pacifist myself...so Casals and Stokowski's
> comments were quite moving to me, definitely not what you would expect to
> hear in a musician documentary.
> Michael