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GG: Beethoven's the Second Concerto

Dear F-minors,

Regarding Beethoven's Piano Concertos
as most of us know, 
Gould's most favourite one was the second concerto, 
despite the fact that the second concerto is the least popupar one.
(I mean 'in general'. I like the second concerto, It's charming.)

However, Gould wrote very impressive cazenza for the first concerto 
but not for the second.
performance with Bernstein and New York Philharmonic 
shows very modern and romantic cadenza composed by Gould.
In addition,
recent released CD appeared with McMillan and Toronto Symphony Orchestra
is, again, with Gould's original cadenza.

Here, I've got a question:
Can anybody tell me the reason 
why Gould composed cadenza for Concerto No. 1
but he didn't for No. 2?

Is it because a cazenza for NO. 2 is well-composed by Beethoven
as Gould said in 'Glenn Gould Reader'?

     Mikihiko WATANABE (Mr)
	    Tokyo, Japan
      When in a hurry