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DjangoGrap@aol.com wrote:

> I'm new to this list and I live in Laramie WY. I was wondering if anyone
> could tell me where I could find or perchase (on the net) some of all those
> great videos with G.G. I went to the Sony site and they had a list of all of
> them but I couldn't find a link to buy them. Also, not to create a lengthy
> discussion, but can anybody tell me anything about the diferent videos. Which
> ones you think are the best ones etc. I want one one of the ones where there
> is performance and discussion by him of course.
> Morgan

Hi Morgan,

Welcome.  I strongly recommend GG's Goldberg Variations video first,
even though there is only a few minutes of interview.  It's a must have video:

- Glenn Gould Collection, Volume XIII - Goldberg Variations ~ VHS.
   It's available at http://www.amazon.com

Then I have seen two other GG videos which I strongly recommend as well:

- Glenn Gould Collection Vol XIV -"The Question of Instrument"
   There is much discussion and playing.  All of it is about Bach.
   Many perfomances although I skip past the Chromatic Fantasy.
   The Partita in D Major is played in full and is great.
   I saw it available at http://www.borders.com  (do a search for
   "Glenn Gould" under videos

-Glenn Gould Plays Bach  Vol XV - "An Art of the Fugue"
  Lot's of discussion and a very detailed analysis by GG of the
  Fugue in E major( from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II)
  where GG demonstrates at the piano how Bach develops the Fugue.
  Very fascinating.  Then, he plays the whole work.  All Bach program
  including several superb selections from The Art of Fugue.
  I don't know where this is available.

The other videos I have not seen and I'll let others describe them.