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Re: J.S. Bach in the House

> > I'm not sure of the crime, but I know JSB was treated well in prison --
> > gave him his own Suite, with a full set of keys, and occasionally he
> > allowed to go out into a Chorale.
> That's right...
> the 371 chorale visits were brief, 'cause he promised to
> be Bach in a minuet!

This reminds me of the anecdote my music teacher told us. Because he had so
many kids, Bach liked to take his music and work on it in the nice,
peaceful fields. Being a musician, he'd forget the time, and he wouldn't
come home for the noon meal. So his wife would put some bread and sausages
in a small container and carry it out to him. This was, of course, the
beginning of the Bach's lunch. <collective groan>

College lectures on April 1 are a dangerous thing!