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RE: Beethoven

GG actually recorded 21 (23?) out of the 32 Beethoven Sonatas, both sets of
Bagatelles, the Eroica variations, and the variations WoO 84 (81?). All of
them are available as part of the SONY GG edition (and most of them in
cheaper Columbia Odyssey recordings which aren't as well remastered). The
Sonata performances are highly variable -- they were recorded over almost
the entirety of his career. Some of them are extremely bizarre, some are
virtually unlistenable, and some (such as the Hammerklavier and Opus 14,
No.2 Sonatas, the Eroica variations, and the Bagatelles) are among his best
recordings. Then there are his amazing performances of the Lizst
transcriptions of the Beethoven 5th and 6th symphonies.

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<<  It almost goes without saying that we Gould fans are, almost by
nature, Bach lovers.  In light of Beethoven's birthday today, I wonder if
anyone here is equally "nuts" about him as well - for me, he holds the
title! >>

* If only GG had recorded as much Beethoven as he did Bach!  If CDs wore
my set of the GG/Beethoven concertos would be in tatters.  I think there is
passion about the way GG led his life, his devotion to creativity and his 
work, his expressiveness (humming being only one symptom of that)...that is 
very sympathetic with Beethoven's degree of human expression.