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Re: GG and recordings


when playing as gould did, u must be rather unpersonal approach. i dont
think gould ever cared about anyone or anything but music when he played.
(or rather: mixed something into his playing outside music.)

but i think it must have been extremely important for him to record. that
was his medium. its like a great artist making a statue in sand, it wont
last. it would be like einstein writing his theories on toiletpaper to be

also, recording and choosing not to perform live, i think made him able to
distance himself from, less importantly, his audience, and more
importantly, his music.

"never be clever for the sake of being clever"

On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, Charlie Siffermann wrote:

> Dear minors?
> Do you think Glenn would have made recordings if he didn't need to?  I
> realize this is a poorly phrased question, but what I am getting at is
> how much do you really think GG cared about those who listen(ed) to his
> music?
> Any thoughts?
> Charlie