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GG sighting in a new Gibbons CD's notes

"Orlando Gibbons: Music for Harpsichord and Virginals" by James Johnstone,
ASV Gaudeamus GAU 191.  Program notes and publication 1999, but recorded
1988.  Relaxed performances with a late-night feel to them, but with
brilliance also where appropriate.  Very nicely phrased.

Program notes by Johnstone include: "Orlando Gibbons, repeatedly cited by
Glenn Gould as his favourite composer, is perhaps best known through his
vocal works.  On this recording I have attempted to shed some light on his
keyboard music--austere and private maybe, but also passionate and deeply

Tracks 3-5 are two of the pieces that GG recorded: The Italian Ground and
the Lord Salisbury Pavan/Galliard.  Johnstone plays from the Musica
Britannica edition, which (among other things) corrects the half-speed
ending of the Pavan in the edition GG used.

Other good solo harpsichord recordings of Gibbons:

Globe 5168, Richard Egarr
Pierre Verany 795051, Laurent Stewart (with some Byrd works)
Naxos 8.550603, Timothy Roberts (with consort music and songs)
Philips 438153, Gustav Leonhardt (only 2 Gibbons pieces; other

Bradley Lehman, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bpl
Dayton VA