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Re: Span

Daniel wrote:

>No. Check the liner notes to the collection of miscellaneous Bach keyboard
>works (together with three Scarlatti sonatas and a CPE Bach sonata)
>comprising Vol. 8 in the SONY GG edition. If memory serves (I'm at work and
>don't have the CD with me), it was GG's intention to record all the Bach
>keyboard works, but there were 82 works which he never got to record.

Your memory's close: according to those liner notes, there are 78 BWV #'s

A catalog of the BWV #'s of the keyboard works is at
http://www.jsbach.net/catalog/03000000000.html .  Then again, it could be
argued that some of the "organ works" belong with the "keyboard works" and
vice versa.  (For example, there's an essay by musicologist Robert Marshall
arguing that the Toccatas BWV 910-916 are organ pieces.)  Music that's
playable on whatever's handy is hard to categorize.

Bradley Lehman, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bpl
Dayton VA