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Re: Book Called "Glenn Gould Piano Solo"

Dear Anne,

	I have indeed heard of it, and I long to read it.  Alas, my French is
probably not up to the task, and, so far as I know, it has never been
translated.  I learned of it in the postscript to Michael Stegemann's
German biography of Gould, and this is what he says:

	[Listing all the various books on Gould]  "And there was the psychological
study *Glenn Gould piano solo* by Michel Schneider--perhaps the most
fascinating book that had been written about Gould."

	Stegemann knows his Gould, and that recommendation is enough for me. 
Anybody know of a place from which copies could be ordered?

Robert (dusting off the French dictionary)

P.S.  The ultimate best site for used books that I know of is the Adavnced
Book Exchange, which lists the holdings of hundreds of bookstores
world-wide.  It also happens to be based in Canada, so I think Canadian
bookstores are well-represented.  The URL (I think) is <www.abebooks.com>.
> From: Anne M. Marble <amarble@abs.net>
> To: F minor <f_minor-og@email.rutgers.edu>
> Subject: GG: Book Called "Glenn Gould Piano Solo"
> Date: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 10:27 PM
> Anybody heard of a book called "Glenn Gould Piano Solo" by Michel
> Schneider?
> Is it a biography? Essays? Discography? The world's shortest cookbook?
> Also, does anybody know web sites for used bookstores in Canada?
> Ontario and Quebec? (Shhh, I'm hunting out of pwint books.)