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Re: GG Edition "First authorized release"

Bradley, I can't speak for when the agreement happened,
but in reading a lot about Gould recently, Sony acquired the
rights to distribute any of the CBC stuff from the time Gould
signed his contract with Columbia in 1955. As a result, the
CBC series of Gould radio broadcasts have all been from
dates prior to 1955, with the sole exception of The Solitude
Trilogy. I guess Sony decided to pass on that material.

So, much the same as in the Sinatra would, when the label
rights owner issues material that it maybe didn't originally
have the rights to, it can claim that it was the first authorized
release. Some of the material in the Glenn Gould Editions
are listed as First Release, which seems to be things that
were in the vaults.

I would say the net of your question is that to the casual
observer, it is a marketing issue. Although, Sony does have
some excellent noise reduction systems, that may have been
able to clean up some of the pre-digital material used to
make up most of the Glen Gould Edition.

I can't make any comparions to the Music and Arts material.
According to the Gould discography, they were all withdrawn
in 1991, not all that long after they were released (1987).

Ken Hutchins