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GG: Brandenburg 5

From: <jfeldma@rci.rutgers.edu>
> Has anybody ever heard the Brandenburg 5? Brad, have you and can you
> describe it? R. Serkin's Marlboro version -- the only one I have heard
> on piano-- is a desert island disk for me. I've wanted for years to
> hear Gould's but have never seen a copy.

Is that the same one that's available on the "Glenn Gould the Conductor"
video? If so, you can still buy the video. It's as fascinating to watch as
it is to hear. In that one, GG is plaing  on the harpsipiano.

Tha video tape also includes GG conducting Bach's "Widerstehe doch der
Sunde" at the keyboard with Russell Oberlin singing. Thanks to that one, I
ended up buying a Russell Oberlin CD. Then, I eventually ended up buying a
Deller CD to hear what other counttenors sounded like. And I'm hoping
someone will issue a "Three Countertenors" album eventually. (It's all GG's
fault. )

> Not to offend the purists (not that I'd guess there are many HIPsters
> on this list) but after you've heard the harpichord cadenza on a
> piano, you can never go back.

That should generate some interesting discussion... :->