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Re: GG in Brandenburg 5

From: "Bradley Lehman" <bpl@umich.edu>:

>It's extremely slow, taking 26:30 (this piece usually averages about 19 to
>21 minutes).  The middle movement is only slightly slower than average, but
>the other two feel like half speed (or maybe practice tempo) in the way
>they're articulated.  The notes are played very evenly in emphasis.

Thanks tremendously for your detailed description of Gould's 
Brandenburg 5. 

>I too like the Serkin/Casals/Marlboro performance you mentioned, but I'd
>hardly say I can "never go back."  The nifty thing about that Serkin

I actually do find it hard to listen to that piece with harpsichord,
even though I spend plenty of time listening to other harpsichord 

>Ever hear the recent Il Giardino Armonico recording of the Brandenburgs?
>After you've heard such a responsive and lively ensemble you can never go
>back.  :)  It has nothing to do with purism.  It has everything to do with
>committed music-making in which everything makes sense and has a clear

I may have come off as anti-HIP in my flip comment above, but fwiw I'm
not. I have Savall's Brandenburgs, but haven't heard the IGA's you
mention.  I do though have a bit of a distaste for harpsichord
continuo with orchestra though (the distant miking really does make it
tinny, mechanical and a bit fussy).