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GG Radio documentaries a failure?

Dear F minors,
I know that many of you belong to the Glenn Gould Foundation.  You should have received the Gould Standard yesterday.  I was puzzled by some of the things that Michael Tait said in his Letter to the Editor.  If  Mr Tait is on this list I would like him to explain his 6th point.  Perhaps some of you will have an opinion on this.
"6. His radio documentaries were interesting failures.  A fugue of words, because of their denotative content, results in confusion and mess in contrast to a fugue of pure sounds." 
Mr. Tait belongs to Glenn Gould's generation and I am a generation younger, so he was around when the documentaries were first broadcast and I was not.  Also, he lives in Toronto.  Perhaps he is in a better position to judge their success than I am.  If they were not a success when they were first produced, why are we still listening to them today?  Any thoughts?