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GG: Cyprien Katsaris's recording of Bach's Italian Concerto in F

While in my car a few weeks ago I turned on the radio and heard a recording 
of Bach's Italian Concerto that immediately caught my attention in the way 
that Glenn Gould's recordings always do when they are on the radio.  This 
recording sounded nearly identical to Gould's early recording yet the 
fidelity seemed better, as if the recording were more recent, and, 
puzzlingly, there was no trace of humming in the background.  The rhythm was 
virtually identical to Gould's recording and the style, the articulation, 
everything else as well.  I just discovered the recording is by Cyprien 
Katsaris and is on Sony Classical (66272).  Is anyone familiar with this 
recording and would anybody like to comment on it?    

Dorian Schneidman