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Re: some Gouldian Schubert & Scarlatti

p.s. My copy of the new Scarlatti disc (18 sonatas) arrived today; similarly
excellent!  Once again Swartzentruber brings out with extraordinary clarity
the compositional structure of the music.  Apollonian playing that
illuminates the counterpoint and the form.  Plenty of fire, but also a
remarkable poise and serenity.  (Almost identical tempo but broader serenity
than GG in the one piece that both have recorded, the gentle D minor sonata
K. 9.)

And Glenn Gould is mentioned in the notes:

Bradley Lehman, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bpl
Dayton VA

>On the recent topic of other pianists who exhibit Gouldian qualities, try
>this one:
>Schubert sonatas in c minor (958) and A major (959), Sony SK 46690 (Europe
>only, I think), 1994.  Mark Swartzentruber, piano.
>An extensive excerpt of the booklet notes is at
>http://www.solorecords.co.uk/files/records.html along with ordering
>information (UK, and an import address in Ohio).  Swartzentruber also has a
>new Scarlatti disc and a forthcoming set of three Beethoven sonatas.