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Re: Gould's Nationality

First of all, nationality means country of origin. Gould was born,
lived, and died in Canada. Second, the name Gold on the birth
certificate was a typo (mistake). Finally, he wasn't Jewish. He wasn't
really anything. He was a musician and a genius. And a genius has no
nationality, he or she is given to us as a gift of the extraordinary.

Now calm down, stop drinking so much coffee, and listen to some nice
soothing music. I suggest some Schoenberg or Webern sonatas, or perhaps
the Goildberg Variations (any recording, you choose). Hey, it worked for
the Count...


BONG wrote:
> Lately I've asked about Gould's nationality, namely, if he was Jewish, as Mr
> Lehman mentioned the surname Gold on Gould's birth certificate. Having
> received no answer so far, I'm forced to think that my question was regarded
> as improper. I cannot see any impropriety in asking about the nationality of
> a famous person and I do not understand why such information should be
> concealed.
> Juozas Rimas
> Lithuania