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Re: some Gouldian Schubert & Scarlatti

Bradley, thanks for the detailed messages concerning P.  I'm sure I'm not
the only member of f_minor that appreciates your in-depth analysis.

Just so everyone knows where I stand, I would never give up Gould's English
Suites for P's, and agree with Bradley's assessment that Gould in his
version seems to be having a much better time than P does.  I can't think of
a more joyous piece Gould recorded than the Second English Suite.  It's one
of my favorite pieces by him.  Compared to Gould, P does sound a bit
mechanical, but hey, I still find his version more interesting and more
Gouldian than Schiff's rendition.

 I probably should admit that I find Ligeti's Mechanical Etudes interesting
too.  What's wrong with listening to sewing machines every now and then.  :)

> I'd put William Kapell's recordings in that >category, too.

Which ones should I look for?