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I agree completely.   Yes, for my taste, Feinburg's Bk 2  remains, after all
these years, the best out there.  It's avowedly Romantic in some instances,
and totally sparse and articulated in others.  Much has been said in the
last years about authenticity and strict adherence to what might be termed a
"Baroque code"  of interpretation.  Yet Feinburg's ideosyncratic and highly
imaginative interpretations always win me over in the end.

John Grant

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Date: Saturday, February 26, 2000 6:28 AM

>Dear f-minors
>> On the recent topic of other pianists who exhibit Gouldian qualities, try
>> this one:
>Samuel Feinberg playing WTC II.  Thats the only WTCII I like better than
>Masa-aki Muramatsu