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>How is the Richter WTC, soundwise? I've heard rumours that the piano
>is distant, with a lot of room reverbaration. How about that? And is
>it on BMG/RCA?

Some reviews of Richter's Bach (along with label and purchasing info) are at
the jsbach.org public site:

According to those, most of his Bach recordings are on Philips, and the WTC
on Chant du Monde.  (I've also seen the WTC on Musical Heritage Society many
years ago; haven't heard it recently.  I remember being bored with the parts
of it that I heard, so I never bought it.)

Richter's 1991 recording of the Italian Concerto, three sonatas, etc. is on
Stradivarius.  My review of that one is at http://www.jsbach.org/tre.html

Anyone is allowed to submit reviews to that site.  (Reviews of any Bach work
recorded by anyone.)  Nobody has said much in detail there about either the
Feinberg or the Richter WTC's, so those of you who know them, go ahead!

Bradley Lehman, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bpl
Dayton VA