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I'm contributing the following info to the Feinberg/Richter discussion:

	1. I have a set of Richter playing Bks 1 and 2 of the WTC. It's on
RCA Victor (Red Seal), and I purchased it as an import at HMV in NYC. If
memory serves (I'm at work and don't have the liner notes with me), the
recordings were made in '70-'71 (bk 1) and '72-73 (bk (2).Neither is a
concert recording, but both sound "live" -- ie., unedited. (The bk 1 is a
different recording from the one on Revelation.) I love Richter's playing,
but I find these performances rather difficult to listen to; I am distracted
by the reverb, which is accentuated when Richter uses the sustaining pedal.
It's hard to believe that he was striving for quite this much echo as part
of his interpretations, particularly in the fugues in which it is obvious
(despite the murk) that he is playing with a high degree of polyphonic
articulation; why would he want to compromise this with an echo? Many of the
interpretations are magnificent, but some suffer from a rushed quality -- I
don't mean a quick tempo, but rather a tendency to rush the ends of phrases.

	2. Yesterday at Tower, I found a full set of bks 1 and 2 by
Feinberg, recorded '60-'61 on "Russian School" label. The 4 cds cost $68 --
a bit steep. If you are ever in the neighborhood (66th and b'way), and want
to purchase it, you should stop by  -- I doubt that there will be a rush to
buy this copy.

	Incidentally -- it seems (from the previous emails) that there are 3
Feinberg recordings ('30s, '50s, and '60). It's  amazing that someone would
make the tremendous effort to record these works 3 times over the course of
a career, but if our collective info is correct,I guess Feinberg did it.
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Neil, I wish I had the Revelation Bk1 WTC, but is it still in print????


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>On Mon, 28 Feb 2000 16:37:45 -0500, you wrote:
>>Some reviews of Richter's Bach (along with label and purchasing info) are
>>the jsbach.org public site:
>The WTC I on (Russian) Revelation is a a must. I've not heard Bach playing
>has me on the edge of my seat, yet satisfies so well on a spiritual level
>This is a live performance and it shows Richter's merciurial genius at its
>Also I think Richter playing English suites (various labels) is amongst my
>favourite Bach of all. I prefer him to our here in these works.