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GG-opus8-&-music from the movies

Hey GG Gs.

What up?

The tother night i was cruising napster, looking for new hanson mp3s, and i came across some GG.
So, naturally i dled it. 

Its only titled "var for piano, opus 8"
the track is 11:24 long. 
It obviously 20th century music.

Now i thought i had most all the GG cds. except maybe those bizet and grieg things.

I looked though all of my collection and could not find and var for piano opus 8. 

Does anyone have any idea what recording this is?


I've seen this new GG cd.  "Music from the movies"
my q is: on this cd r the excerpts from the brandenbergs the ones he recorded on the harpsichord?
Or is it all stuff that has been reissued before?

Ok guys.

Lemme know.

Wie friedsam treuer Sitten,
getrost in Tat und Werk,
liegt nicht in Deutschlands Mitten
mein lliebes Nurenberg!

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