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Re: Schiff

In a message dated 2/23/00 11:17:38 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
chisa@ceres.dti.ne.jp writes:

<<  If any of you have anything good to say about Schiff's playing other than 
no humming, please let me know. >>

    The Bach videotape in the BBC "Great Composers" series presents Schiff 
playing the WTC in a serious and highly focused manner, much as described by 
baldwin@baernarks in his delightful post of Feb 14.  The viewer can only 
conclude that Schiff, in addition to being an outstanding pianist, is a very 
honest and humble man who approaches Bach with enormous respect (an attitude 
Bach richly deserves), since this comes through in how he plays.  To my 
thinking, there's much to be said for any performer who faithfully keeps the 
composer up front, and when he/she plays at Schiff's high level, the 
listener's enjoyment is truly intense.     WKC