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Re: Metronomes (was Re: No, Gould's so fast)

> "Sort of like that case where he decided to play that Beethoven concerto
> following the timing of his favorite Schnabel recording. The teacher
> to fight that by taking the Schnabel record away. But with Glenn Gould's
> memory, that was like closing the barn door after the horse had run
> Anne -- do you remember which concerto this is? I just purchased the GG
> and would be curious to know.

The short bio at http://www.sonyclassical.com/artists/gould/bio.html says
that it was Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto.

He played this concerto in 1946 as his solo debut with a Royal Conservatory

I don't know if GG's later recorded version of this concerto is anything
like the Schnabel version he so loved... Any takers? :->