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Re: No, Gould's so fast

At 12:34 AM 3/20/00 -0500, you wrote:
Anne pointed out:

> What many people forget is the fact that the Baroque composers did not
> expect performers to play their music exactly as written.  It was assumed
> that the player would interpret the music to suit his/ her style of
> or the mood he/she was in.

So, I started with this fugue and surgically removed several bars from the
middle of it.  Then I changed the rhythm of the subject, making it dotted.
Then I changed about 40% of the notes and made it atonal, though keeping the
voices running in the same general direction that they were.  Then I slowed
down the tempo and played it unsteadily, with the note attacks considerably
out of alignment and all the voices randomly speeding up or slowing down.

More recently I discovered there is an orchestral piece based on this same
fugue: "Rag Time" (1921) by Paul Hindemith.

... as well as various pieces by Michael Finnisy eg "Contretanze" uses a similar process,as above, from the C maj Bk 1 Fugue