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GG: The Cottage on Lake Simcoe

Last year, F-miner Junichi Miyazawa visited Orillia, Uptergrove and
Uxbridge -- GG's old "stomping grounds" near Lake Simcoe. He reported that
GG's family's cottage on Lake Simcoe no longer exists, although the
neighbors mentioned in the early documentary "Glenn Gould: Two Portraits"
were still there.

Does anyone (Junichi or anyone else) have additional information about the
cottage and the surrounding area? What happened to it? I hope they didn't
put up something awful like a casino in its place!!! (That would be *so*

Does anyone know who purchased the cottage after the death of Glenn Gould's
mother? Does anyone know who owns the property now? It's not that we're
nosy -- we want to be assured that the property is not being used for
something tacky. :->

Junichi, would you be willing to share more details about your visit to the
area? Is the area near the former cottage still as *gorgeous* as it looks
in the "Two Portraits" documentary? Or has it been (ugh) ruined by recent
expansion in the area.

Well, as long as nobody builds a "Glenn Gould Condominium Complex." But at
least we know they'd have good room service... :->

Anne M. Marble