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Re: Jessie Greigs christian name

Dear Peter, Anne and all:

Jessie's grave stone says:
  Jessie Gertrude Greig
  Nov.21, 1925-Aug.26, 1996

Anne, thank you for getting interested in
my trip to Orillia, Uptergrove and Uxbridge last September.

Perhaps, showing you pictures would be a good way,
but Actually, there is little to say.
As it was not a planned visit, my friend TS and I spent
a long time to locate the place where the cottage used to be.
Actually, Gould's neighbor Mr and Mrs Doolittle were
living there (they appear in GG on/off the Records).
It was such a sudden visit late afternoon that
we just said hello to them.

The new cottage after the Gould's was a big one.  There was
no trace of the old.

Anyway, it is a quiet, beautiful place.

In Orillia, we visited Stephen Leacock Museum on the lake
Couchichin, which is the next one to Lake Simcoe.
Stephen Leacock is a Canadian novelist, whose humourous
works were almost definitely read by GG.

BTW, I left my residence Massey College, Toronto on March 24,
flew via Vancouver back to Tokyo on March 25.
Now I am a Tokyonian again.

Best regards,


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Junichi Miyazawa
(alias: walkingtune@bigfoot.com )
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